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Devon Hedges and Trees – A Talk with Rob Wolton

Event Date: 30th November 2019, 19:00

Event Category: Talk / Conference

Location: The Pavillions, Atherington

Devon Hedges and Trees – A Talk with Rob Wolton

Saturday 30 November
Atherington Pavilion
7pm (doors 6.30pm). Tickets £2.50 talk only. £6 talk plus filled jacket potato.                                          

Call 07739 339274/visit Atherington Shoppe for more information or book  online from here

Devon has more hedges and trees than any other place in the UK. 53,000km (33,000 miles) remain, forming a network from coast to coast that is broken only by cities, major roads, rivers and the high moors.

Even better, most of these hedges are of high quality – the county and one fifth of all the species-rich hedges in England. Together they are of international importance, as an historical, cultural, wildlife and landscape resource. They are world class!

The latest information from the Forestry Commission shows that Ash Dieback has now taken hold across much of the UK, including Devon. The disease is likely to have a major impact on Devon’s countryside, much of which is patterned by a rich network of hedges, hedgerow trees, small copses and woodland. If the Ash trees go, and evidence suggests we will lose over 90% of them, then the character of our landscapes is likely to change dramatically, with the loss of trees, hedgerows and the wildlife they support.

The spread of the disease through a tree can be rapid, and replacement trees take a long time to grow. Rob helped formulate Devon’s Ash Dieback Action Plan, and will talk about what w3e can do to ensure Devon’s treescapes and the wildlife the support are restores and even improved for future generations.