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Finding Nature’s Footprints aims to map the data collected from the wildlife surveying carried out by local communities so that we can gain a better understanding of what the area has to offer and how we can help create more space for nature. The knowledge collected from the community wildlife audits will then be used to contribute to local nature recovery plans through direct nature recovery action. 

​​This project will help contribute to the efforts of the Biosphere Nature Recovery Plan which aligns with the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan and the Prime Minister’s pledge for 30% of the UK land to be protected by 2030. It includes five action plans which details the priorities for the key land types in the Biosphere: coast, towns and villages, wetlands and waterbodies, grassland and arable and trees, woodlands and hedges. ​

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Hartland Nature Society

In Hartland there is a recently established nature group called Hartland Nature Society. They have successfully gathered interested individuals within the parish who have come together to help record and monitor the wildlife they have in their area.

Ilfracombe Wildlife

Organising events and running workshops to give everyone the chance to get involved!


iNaturalist is a fantastic way for everyone to learn more about their local wildlife, connect with other nature enthusiasts and contribute to our understanding of biodiversity.