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National Landscape Environment Group

This group is for 15-25 year olds who have an interest in the natural environment and want to gain experience and knowledge whilst meeting other like-minded young people and local environmental organisations. 

If you are interested in joining this group, please do get in contact and email evie.giblett@devon.gov.uk

Summer Events 2024

Join us for our Summer Events this year! We have a wide variety of activities running from Plant ID Workshops to Dusk Wildlife Watches and another Expedition! See our calendar of events below…

Here are some of the activities we’ve got up to recently…

Biodiversity at Mortepoint

For the group’s first meet up they went to Morte Point where they met up with Paul South, a National Trust ranger, who told them all about how The National Trust are managing the Morte Point site with the use of cow collars to create a mosaic of habitats and increase biodiversity. 

Rapid Rainforest Assessment in Combe Martin

The group went to Adderstable Woods in Combe Martin, where they assessed the health of the woodland using PlantLife’s rapid rainforest assessment. They were lucky enough to have a great sighting of a greater spotted woodpecker as it came in and out of its nest!

Cetacean Surveying

The environment group went to Capstone in Ilfracombe and joined Sea Watch Foundation volunteers Chris and Sharron Blackmore on their cetacean survey. This was a great evening where we learnt just how simple it was to contribute to citizen science data of marine mammal sightings in your local area by using the Sea Watcher app.

Night UV Rockpooling at Lee Bay

A highlight event was night time rockpooling at Lee Bay where everyone had a great time finding all kinds of rocky shore creatures that were really active in the dark including hundreds of tiny crabs! Several intertidal species glowed under the UV light, the best being snakelocks anemones!

Hartland Peninsula Expedition

In July, the AONB Environment Group went on a 2-day expedition from the Cornish border at Marsland to Brownsham National Trust across the Hartland peninsula which was approximately 24 km. They saw some great wildlife including countless invertebrates, a kestrel that was hunting very close by and a peregrine. Despite the torrential rain, everyone maintained a positive attitude and enjoyed the trip! 

Bats, Moths and Butterflies

In August, the group went to Braunton Burrows to look for butterflies with Geoff Morton, a local butterfly enthusiast. They saw 10 species including holly blue, common blue, comma and brimstone. They then had a BBQ before putting out the moth trap and going for a bat walk at Seymour. The trap caught 16 moth species and the group detected common pipistrelles. It was an action packed and fun day!