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Make a difference

Small actions such as increasing the diversity of plants in your garden, building a bug house or putting up a bird feeder make a huge difference to the creatures using these things! This is also a fantastic way to spot more species and learn about the creatures in your area. Join the Finding Nature’s Footprints’ iNaturalist page and upload the creatures you find using the link below: 

iNaturalist | North Devon Coast (northdevon-aonb.org.uk)

Here are some ways you can get involved with conserving nature and helping the environment at home. 

Bird Feeders

Birds can benefit a huge amount from the provision of feeders in gardens, especially during the winter months. You can provide them with a feeding table and water station or get crafty and create your own bird feeder using the link below.

How to make a bird feeder │ Crafts | National Trust

Helping Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are in decline, however, there are simple things we can do to help them thrive. Follow the links below to find out more about hedgehogs and how to get involved.

Help our Hedgehogs – North Devon Biosphere

How to build a hedgehog home | The Wildlife Trusts


Attracting Pollinators 

Pollinators are creatures such as Bees and Butterflies. They are essential to healthy ecosystems alongside helping plants to produce fruits and vegetables. Simple changes in your garden can make a difference to how these creatures can use your outdoor space. Follow the links to find out more. 

Garden wildlife / RHS Gardening / RHS Gardening

How to attract butterflies to your garden | The Wildlife Trusts

Inviting Insects

Having a diverse array of insects in your garden provides a natural food source for small birds and mammals contributing to a healthy ecosystem.Follow the links to see how you can help to increase the bugs and crawlies in your outdoor space.

Knowledge Base: Create a bug haven – North Devon Biosphere

How to build a bug mansion | The Wildlife Trusts

Other ways to get involved…

Bird watching is a great way to learn about local birds and record the species you spot whilst taking the time to unwind. You can watch from your windows or follow the link below to the Devon Wildlife Trusts’ ‘birdfeeder cam’ to get watching. 

Wildlife Windows | Devon Wildlife Trust

You can still make a difference without accessing an outdoor space. Signing petitions, making simple changes at home and donating to local charities are fantastic ways to help your local and national spaces. Follow the links below for ways to reduce your impact and to access national and local petitions in aid of the environment. 

What you can do — Plastic Free North Devon

Protect our Living Legends: Sign our Petition – Woodland Trust

Take action | Greenpeace UK

 Save Every Drop | South West Water