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Hedgehogs – In Need of Help

Event Date: 10th December 2022, 19:00

Event Category: Talk / Conference

Location: Fremington Parish Hall

Cost: £3

Come and spend an evening learning more about one of our favourite British mammals, the hedgehog! Find out more about the challenges facing them and how we can help.

The UK hedgehog population has suffered a dramatic decline over the last 10 years. Critical to hedgehog conservation in urban environments is their ability to move through a wider landscape. Stephen will describe how you can make your garden hedgehog friendly. He will then show how his brother, Chris, inspired the villagers of Kirtlington to take an interest in their hedgehogs and how they went on to create a “Hedgehog Superhighway” of interconnected gardens.

Formerly a vet, Stephen changed career to pursue a lifelong passion for wildlife, wildlife photography, filming and conservation. Stephen’s material has made a number of TV appearances, featured in the national press and won major awards. His photography concentrates on interesting and challenging wildlife subjects, many of which are in and close to his home. 

There will be a break for refreshments part way through the talk and there will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

Hedgehogs – In Need of Your Help and Getting Connected | Devon Wildlife Trust