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Horsey Island Wildlife Walk

Event Date: 8th July 2021, 14:30

Event Category: Walk / Tour

Join wildlife guides Martin Batt and Gavin Bloom as they discover why this newly formed nature reserve of Horsey Island and the Caen Wetlands is so special. The tour will include wildlife spotting and photography tips.

Devon Wildlife Trust’s newest nature reserve is an 80 hectare site which was once grazing land protected by an earth bank sea wall. In 2017 the sea wall was breached allowing sea water in. Four years on this breach has grown considerably and Horsey Island is now covered by each incoming tide. As a result grassland has been replaced by a dynamic landscape of mudflats, sandbanks and saltmarsh. Salt tolerant plants such as sea purslane and glasswort (samphire) have taken root, while thousands of wading and other birds rest and feed on the nature reserve. Recent bird sightings have included ospreys, spoonbills, glossy ibis, cattle egret, great white egret and ruff. Bird counts of 2,000 golden plover and 200+ lapwing have also been recorded (Devon Wildlife Trust 2020).

The tour will be over sand and uneven terrain and may involve climbing banks to observe nature

Vists the Braunton Countryside Centre Facebook Page for more information