North Devon Coast

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Rocks Rule! Why the Geology Makes N.Devon so Special

Event Date: 17th February 2021, 19:00

Event Category: Talk / Conference

Location: Virtual

Join Geologist Ken Rutherford as he discovers why the geology of North Devon makes it so special.

Ken will be discovering the geology of the coastline and why the rocks laid down millions of years go make the North Devon Coast so special. From spectacular sandy beaches to its rugged cliffs there is evidence of past stresses and pressures at work resulting in unusual features in the landscape.

This event will be delivered via Zoom. There will be a presentation followed by a Q&A.

Ken Rutherford has a BSc and MSc in geology from the University of London and has worked as a geologist in the oil industry for 40 years. As a resident in Braunton since 2009 Ken has gained a keen appreciation for the natural landscape and wildlife of North Devon.

Ken is Chair of the North Devon Environmental Trust which manages the Braunton Countryside Centre. Ken is passionate in supporting local people and visitors discover what makes the coast and countryside of North Devon so special.