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Seeing the Wood Through the Tree’s

Event Date: 14th September 2021, 17:00 – 19:30

Event Category: Walk / Tour

Location: Beckland Woods, Hartland

Cost: £5.00

Seeing the Wood Through the Tree’s

A guided walk and talk exploring plant sentience at Beckland Woods, Hartland

Join Nature-connections guide Pete Yeo as he takes us on a journey through Beckland Woods and onto the Southwest Coastal Path. During this two and a half hour walk and talk he will focus on plant sentience.

This guided walk will invite contemplation on the connected, collaborative and sentient nature of vegetation, whether tree, forest or Gaian tissue, whilst exploring the new and ancient insights that are set to transform our relationship with plants. We are learning to see beyond the reduction of nature red in tooth and claw, or thorn and toxin, toward holistic ecologies, embodying more rainbow-like reciprocity than we have imagined.

Tickets are £5 You can find out more information here: