North Devon Coast

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Combe Martin Medieval Field System and Strawberry Fields

Martin Medieval Field System and Strawberry Fields The hedges and lanes of a well preserved medieval strip field system can still be seen on the slopes towards the north and east of Combe Martin – creating a landscape which has remained much the same for hundreds of years. Strawberries were also traditionally grown on these sunny slopes for export across the country. Combe Martin was once a large production centre for strawberries, which were exported to the rest of Devon and beyond. For hundreds of years Combe Martin has been famed for the quality of its strawberries, as both fresh fruit and turned into jam. The Strawberry Fayre is still held on the first Sunday of June every year. – See more at: http://explorethecoast.org/waypoint/2905#sthash.PmmRHnXY.dpuf