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Putsborough Sands

This Devon County Geological Site on a privately owned beach,  is made up of a rocky foreshore and low cliffs that exhibit red purple and greenish grey sandstones,  siltstones and slates that make up the Pickwell Down Sandstones.

The sandstones are relatively structureless in the lower part of each bed changing to a  more finely laminated muddy layer in the upper part. There are several geological features along  the beach, such as cross bedding (where the depositional environment was tilted), ripple drift bedding (indicating current direction)and mud clast conglomerates (rounded clasts in a muddy or sandy matrix) that indicate deposition in a river or lake environment. This site was registered as a regionally important geological site as it is the only good example within the AONB of the more continental sediment of the Pickwell Down Sandstone, and the sedimentary structures and structural features of the rocks are well displayed in this area.

There is access to the beach via the South West Coast path and parking at Putsborough (limited in winter) and Marine Drive.  In addition to the private car park, Putsborough provides refreshments, a beach shop and other services. There are no lifeguards on this beach so please take care and be aware of tides. This is a privately owned sandy beach at the opposite end of Woolacombe Sands. Putsborough is an ideal spot for beach goers and walkers. The beach is sheltered by Baggy Point to the west – making it a favourite for surfers when other surf spots are too exposed. 

Putsborough Sands
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