North Devon Coast

National Landscape

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The Toll Road

This Toll Road follows the line of the original embankment that has held back the sea from the Braunton Marshes since 1815. It leads to a car park at Crow Point. Views across the Braunton Marshes from this road are simply stunning, and the road ends in a car park at Crow Point. For those on foot or bike you can also access the American Road at Crow Point – enabling a great, fairly level, circular route around the area.

The Braunton Marsh Inspectors are an institution dating back to the original reclamation of the Braunton Marshes. The inspectors are responsible for many aspects of the management of the marshes and hold communal properties in trust on behalf of the land owners and occupiers. Duties include maintaining the communally used roads and embankments – hence the presence of a toll to cover the costs to maintain the road, car park and other services that ensure continued access and keep the Braunton Marsh so special.