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Life on the Verge – SDF Project

Road verges are an important wildlife resource and an integral part of Devon’s heritage. They provide a range of habitats and are increasingly important wildlife corridors for threatened species and pollinators. They also provide one of the only opportunities for us to see wildflowers on a daily basis, in towns and villages, as well as in a largely intensively managed countryside.
Managing verges to deliver all these benefits is ever-more difficult as local authority management increasingly focuses on road safety needs. The Tarka Country Trust’s “Life on the Verge – Biosphere” (LoVe-B) project will, over three years, help community groups in Devon to identify and ‘adopt’ local verges, and manage them for wildlife and community benefit. More
Community volunteers will be trained in biological recording and to work safely by the roadside. They will have access to funds, equipment and expertise to help them manage their chosen verges and promote their
achievements. Case studies and best-practice guidance will help recruit more communities and sustain the volunteer network once the project ends.