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The National Landscape Association

On Wednesday 22 November, all Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty become National Landscapes.

The National Landscapes Association provides a strong voice for its members, the UK’s 46 National Landscapes. As a national charity, we support the UK’s network of National Landscapes. Helping them to be as effective as possible. By bringing local teams and partnerships together, we create greater collaboration, unlocking progress towards our shared vision.


The National Landscapes Association’s vision is that the natural beauty of the UK’s National Landscapes is celebrated.


National Landscapes have a four point mission to help us deliver for place, people and partnerships:

  • Make beautiful landscapes better
  • Champion beauty in people’s lives
  • Empower people to have a stake in beauty
  • Equip powerful coalitions to deliver

The National Landscape Partnerships work together as a Family through their National Association, to share learning, good practice and cooperation to maintain and conserve their local areas for future generations to enjoy. The North Devon Coast National Landscape is an active member of the National Association.

Every July the National Association host an annual Landscape for Life Conference to give National Landscapes and other organsiations the opportunity to meet, network and present current work streams and projects.

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